As part of the social and musical project "Stop Bullying", we have created a documentary film answering important questions.
The plot of the film and its speakers will speak for themselves.
The problem of bullying at school always remains relevant and today causes increasing public concern. Due to the prevalence of this phenomenon and its danger to the physical and mental health of people, within the framework of the All-Russian Children's Festival of Popular Music "Another Height", a social and musical project "STOP BULLYING" is being launched. Almost everyone has faced ridicule, nagging, threats and other negative influences from other people at least once. At the same time, many victims of bullying are simply silent about what is happening, educational institutions do not make such conflicts public, trying to preserve their reputation, bullying cases are not given the necessary importance and they are silenced. This Project is aimed at drawing public attention to the existing problem, supporting children in difficult situations and conveying important information about protection and responsibility from the point of view of the law and psychology.
We know that music is a guide and it is often easier to convey an important idea through a song, especially if our target audience is children.
We believe that our socio-musical "STOP BULLYING" will help all participants to understand themselves, the situation and avoid further illegal actions.
Vocalists / performers of the main roles:
Olga Vershinina @olyasha.ver
Ilya Ivanishchev @ilia_ivanishchev_vl
Myaz Kristina @kristinamiaz
George Dzeboev @dzeboev.georgi
Likhovid Alyona @alesher6496
Skogorev Ivan @ivanskogorev815
Petrova Inga @ingira_p
Cui Victoria @vika.tsui
Isachenko Sofia @anna_pstyga
Hops Anastasia @kasukiza
Zheldak Daria @zhelia5
Gamayunova Daria @dashka3.0
Documentary film
Within the framework of the STOP BULLYING project, a song of the same name was written (by Ekaterina Babenko). A video clip and a social video have already been filmed revealing the most important aspects of bullying at school.
STOP Bullying!
"DRUGAYA VYSOTA-2020" presents the social and musical project "STOPBulling!"
The film crew:
Ekaterina Babenko
Project producer
Ekaterina Babenko @kotbabenko
Author of words, music
Alexey Rasputny @zerofilmer
Director, screenwriter
Stepan Kynkorogov
Operator, editor
Evgeny Grivanov
Sound engineer
Nina Suray @scorpio0811
Project/Set Director
Participated in the creation of the film:
  • Kira Bozhenova

  • Olga Romanova

    Commissioner for Children's Rights of Primorsky Krai
  • Tatiana Pogorelova

    Lawyer of the Primorsky Krai Chamber of Advocates
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