International Festival of Contemporary Music Performers "Drugaya Vysota"

Vladivostok city

25 - 28 March 2024

  • Program
    Every day - a special program for each category of participants
  • Members
    Applications are accepted from solo performers and vocal ensembles
  • Age categories
    • 7-9 ;
    • 10-12 ;
    • 13-15 ;
    • 16-18
  • Competitive nominations
    • Pop vocal
    • Folk vocals (folklore, ethnic)
    • Jazz vocals
    • Rock
    • (New!) Battle of the Grand Prize Winners for the Special Prize
About our festival
Get valuable experience
The festival "Drugaya Vysota" is aimed at revealing talents and self-realization of creative people of the Far East, Russia and the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

- Active creative development
- Invaluable experience of stage performances
- Transfer of knowledge and experience from pop professionals
- New acquaintances and joint projects

Objectives of the festival:

• construction of the Vladivostok-Moscow fundamental bridge
• Strengthening strong ties with the country's regions
• Interaction with music industry experts
• Development of a music platform in the Far East
Our projects
Teaser for a social and musical project "STOPBullying"!
"Breathe, my Earth!"
Teaser for a project "Breathe, my Earth!" created as part of the festival "DRUGAYA VYSOTA"
The jury of the festival
Special guest
Chairman of the jury
  • Semyon Velichko
    Moscow soul and jazz performer, participant in the TV show "Voice 4".
    Resident of the author's project JAZZ PORT by Anzhelika Alferova, a regular participant in all kinds of soul and jazz tributes.
    Worked in the Moscow Jazz Orchestra of the State Television and Radio Center. Winner and participant of multiple All-Russian and international competitions.

    Graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Art. Gained extensive stage experience in the group COOL & JAZZY.
    Since 2009, Semyon Velichko has collaborated with Music Parking and worked in Eva Polna's team.

    In 2015 he became a contestant in the TV project "The Voice" on Channel One. In the team of Polina Gagarina and reached the quarterfinals of the popular show.

    Currently a teacher of pop and pop-jazz vocals. His students are laureates and Grand Prix holders of vocal competitions and such projects as: "Battle of Talents", "Blue Bird", "New Children's Wave", "Voice of Children"
  • Sofia Nepoyda
    Musician, songwriter.

    Laureate of international and Russian vocal competitions, Grand Prix of the International Vocal Competition "Golden Voice of Russia".
    Member of original jazz groups of the Far East.
    Sofia received certified training in foreign scientific methods of voice control - Estill Voice Training.

    • Teacher at the music school "Musical wave";
    • Vocal teacher in the most creative studio for children and teenagers "Republic Kids";
    • A pop-jazz vocal teacher with international certification, whose students become participants in the "Voice" project, "Voice.Children", "Children's New Wave" and other popular projects!
The speakers of the festival
  • Pavel Katyshev
    Specializes in training vocalists, collaborates with many major festivals, such as: Generation Next, Aguteens Forum.

    He was the director of numbers on the project "Voice. Children" (both solo and trio for the second stage of the show), Summer Talent Show Spain.

    Winner of Russian competitions and European champion.
  • Anna Kovtun
    Choreographer, director, music video director, jury of dance festivals throughout Russia.
    Actress of the plastic performance "Red Bull ISNANKA", Founder of the experimental dance festival "Klyuchi" at the Gorky Moscow Art Theater.
    Choreographer of television concerts "Generation Next" at MUZ, guest choreographer of "Voice.Children".
    She collaborated with Gudkov, Mikhalkov, Urgant, Khrustalev, Bianca, Burito, Leonid Rudenko.
    Currently he is the Head of the theater troupe at Cosmos Theater.
  • Mikhail Krestov
    Composer, songwriter, music therapist.

    Author of the project "Write Songs Together".
    As part of the project, Mikhail discovers non-obvious and very important elements of creative thinking that allow you to create a song concept (text, melody, mood, emotional content).
    After mastering the basic things for creating a song, participants write lyrics and music. Here and now!
The organizers
  • Ekaterina Babenko
    Founder, organizer, chairman of the organizing Committee of the Competition.
    Poet, author of common festival songs. Producer of social and musical projects for children created within the framework of the "Drugaya Vysota".
    The creative energy and indifference to the people of Ekaterina is what our Festival would never have taken place without!
  • Anastasia Gavrilyuk
    Organizer, Deputy Chairman of the organizing Committee of the Competition. Head of the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization "TALANTLIVYE DETY PRIMORYA"
    The man is a locomotive, charged with the result. Our creative engine and ideological inspirer.
  • Anna Kogteva
    Organizer. Certified coach according to ICF standards, curator of international coaching training programs.
    A person who will answer any of your questions regarding the Festival! And he will professionally ask you a couple of questions so that communications are built better!
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In 2023, we held our second festival, even brighter, more intense and unique.
Look how it was!
In 2019, for the first time, we held our unforgettable, eventful and emotional festival.
Look how it was!
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